Reviving My Blog…

I used to be a blogger.  I actually had a small, but engaged, readership and other bloggers with whom I collaborated.  I developed some great friendships and had some wonderful experiences over the years.

I stopped about four years ago.  As a person with some tendency toward introversion I think I just felt a sense of social overload.  I then became very engaged in a range of community service obligations.  I used that as an excuse to distract myself from myself.  I now realize that I need to invest more of my time and energy into developing my life so that I can be a more effective and impactful person on the wider world.

Through my revived Twitter presence and this blog I am going to dip my toe back into the world of Internet social exchange.  Along the way I will be trying to share some of my thoughts and experiences related to my quest for self improvement.  It is my hope that they may be of value to others at different stages in their own journeys.

I’ve reinstalled WordPress with my original theme.  Not surprisingly it looks like my theme will need a bit of a refresh to be more fully functional in the modern era.  That will come as time permits… Right now I just need to get started…

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